Vocational education – the first step

April 5, 2015

Getting a paid job can change your life.

And vocational education, experience and formal qualifications are practical ways to put you a step closer to that brighter future.

At Community Veracity, we aim to help people in Geelong region take those first steps on their path towards employment. Perhaps life has thrown challenges at you, you’ve faced education barriers or you simply need a second chance, then our practical programs might be just the fit.

Our approach rests on the solid foundations of vocational training and formal qualifications. We know everyone has potential – from school early leavers to participants on Work for the Dole programs and community corrections programs. And we feel privileged to play a part in nurturing that potential so people can recognise their own abilities, build their self-esteem, their experience and their qualifications to stride out with confidence.

But we also know those first steps are difficult. If you’ve been out of a learning environment – both practical and theory – for a while, struggled in school or faced challenging personal situations over the past few years, embarking on a course or program can be confronting.

So come to us. As one of Geelong’s non-profit organisations, we are here to help.

Our Community Connection Hub is a good place to start. Supportive staff can help you engage in training and volunteer opportunities, provide career advice and work with you to create a road map towards employment.

If¬† you would like to learn more about how our vocational training programs can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Community Veracity. We’d be proud to assist you.