About Community Veracity, Geelong

Community Veracity was born in Geelong from a deep desire to “give back” to the community.

It was 2009 and board members of Geelong-based registered training organisation AGB Training started investigating ways to contribute more to their regional city and its people.

They feared people facing personal challenges including education barriers were slipping through the cracks of society and they wanted to offer practical help on the path to employment. Young people who had left school early to help their families, people who got caught up on the wrong side of the law or those needing a second chance all deserved and needed assistance – these became their focus.

So Community Veracity was founded. Built on the pillars of practical experience, overcoming barriers, confidence building and a commitment to benefit the community, it has evolved to become a valuable provider of quality programs across Geelong and Melbourne.

That desire to give back to the community remains an intrinsic part of its nature, evident through its community projects including a Recycling Program.

Training is also a quality way to return dividends to your community. Giving people greater employment opportunities through education and training weaves tangible benefits into the community, strengthening its fabric and its future.

Within three years Community Veracity started making a strong impact, engaging the community through a small op shop and cafe. These early initiatives are gone now, as the not-for-profit organisation has evolved with new community projects that better fit its philosophy of empowering individuals and communities.

Since 2012 Community Veracity has gone from strength to strength. With headquarters in South Geelong, staff including industry-qualified program supervisors who run programs from a variety of locations including the organisation’s South Geelong , and Werribee warehouses.

Community Veracity enjoys strong support from non-profit organisations, Work for the Dole providers, businesses and many more groups and entities. Staff work with community-based organisations to deliver the programs, providing opportunities for people from different walks of life including participants in Work for the Dole programs and community corrections programs. The organisation, also values its volunteer support.

Please contact Community Veracity, if you want to learn more about the diverse range of courses and community projects, make a donation or volunteer.


Please feel free to view Community Veracity’s annual reports and compliance reports on this page. The organisation, which is dedicated to improving people’s opportunities through practical experience opportunites and community programs remains committed to keeping you informed about its operations. We will continue to add our latest reports when they come to hand. Contact us if...
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