Community recycling program, Geelong

Australia is a wasteful nation when it comes to generating landfill. Listed among the biggest waste producers on the planet, we contribute many millions of tonnes of rubbish to landfill every year.

At Community Veracity, we know that once that waste is in landfill, it’s there to stay. That’s why our not-for-profit organisation’s developed a community Recycling Program to remove useful material from the waste stream, while our participants gain warehousing skills and knowledge.

Our award winning program, carried out in our warehouses in Geelong and Werribee, benefits the environment, the community and also our participants who build on their skills while quality checking, sorting and distribution during the recycling work. Our program is available to organisations seeking commercial recycling, who need products scrapped and recycled professionally and efficiently.

Recycled products can either be reused in their existing form or broken down to create new products.

By recycling, we are helping to conserve our planet’s shrinking natural resources. Recycling benefits include:

  • Saving energy and water used in the manufacturing process, because goods created from recycled products are better for the environment’s supply of natural resources.
  • Helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • And boosting the lifespan of landfill sites.

Our Recycling Program is all about “giving back” to the community and the environment. And it’s a perfect fit for our philosophy of empowering people – be they in Work for the Dole programs and community corrections programs or individuals just wanting to boost their skills.

If you want more information about our Recycling Program or other services including The Power in You Project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Community Veracity.