Community Veracity FAQ

What does Community Veracity do?

We provide people with quality practical experience in Geelong and Melbourne to better position them to take advantage of job opportunities.

Who takes part in your courses and programs?

We have people from all walks of life taking part in our programs. From individuals keen to improve their skills to those taking part in Work for the Dole programs and community corrections programs, all can find our courses and programs valuable.

What programs do you offer?

A diverse range of programs including Commercial Cookery,  Food Processing and Service and Repair.  We also run Recycling and Food Hub community projects.

How do you deliver your programs?

As a non-profit organisation, we work with supportive community partners to provide our range of programs. From Corrections Victoria and not-for-profit organisations including SecondBite, to Work for the Dole providers and businesses of all sizes, we are all committed to improving people’s lives and improving our society.

Can I volunteer with Community Veracity?

Of course, we’d love you to volunteer. We will always try to utilise your skills in the most appropriate areas which can include community projects and mentoring. For people working towards developing a career path, we can also help connect them to specific volunteering work within organisations to further their career opportunities.

What does your Community Connection Hub do?

It’s like a one-stop job shop for employers and individuals, providing work placement information for employers as well as details about work experience opportunities and job vacancies. Our hub provides a range of services including helping people contribute to their community through volunteer work, provides mentoring, assists with training and job opportunities and offers quality career advice for individuals.

How does Community Veracity give back to the community?

Giving back to the community is important to us. We do this by improving people’s lives through our education programs as well as our recycling and Food Hub community projects. Our recycling program provides real benefits to the environment while our Food Hub delivers food relief via product donation to non-profit organisations to feed those in need.

How can I support Community Veracity?

All support is very welcome. As one of Geelong’s proud non-profit organisations, we appreciate financial support through donations as well as fresh ideas and volunteers to ensure we continue to offer quality vocational education and formal training opportunities in our community.

For more information, please contact us at Community Veracity.