Volunteer, Geelong

At Geelong-based Community Veracity, we believe in “giving back” to the communities in which we work. And we’re lucky that loyal volunteers reciprocate.

Without the volunteer work it would be harder for our team to run our community projects including recycling program. People also donate their time at our fundraising events, knowing their efforts will help us to further develop new programs to improve people’s skills and employment opportunities and the community at large.

Volunteers across Australia give generously of their time, contributing many hours of unpaid work to programs, people, clubs and organisations. Quite simply, many organisations would falter without this unpaid army of workers, putting at risk valuable programs and activities that build a better society.

If you have spare time, please consider helping at Community Veracity. There are many volunteer options including mentoring through The Power in You Project or being a program supervisor. We will work hard to find the area that best utilises your skills. We can also help people find volunteering opportunities in other organisations to help develop their career path.

We are experienced in working with individuals and a wide range of organisations including Work for the Dole providers, non-profit organisations and businesses.

Please contact us at Community Veracity to find out about volunteering opportunities within our organisation.

We are currently seeking volunteers with building, carpentry or handyman skills and knowledge to supervise and mentor a new community project involving, renovating, decking and general maintenance.  If this sounds like an opportunity for you please contact us.