The Power In You Project



To inspire and empower people affected by alcohol and other drugs to achieve lasting change in their lives.


To assist people with alcohol and other drugs issues through support-based services including health, support groups, community programs, education, and job pathways.


  • Everybody has the right to recovery.
  • We find the best in each and every individual.
  • We support everyone in chasing their dreams.
  • We respect everyone has a different view of happiness.
  • We use services and programs within our community.
  • All our services are easily accessible to community.
  • We are non-judgmental and understanding to all situations.
  • We will never give up on helping.
  • We accommodate for people of any gender or sexual preference.

The Power In You Project is driven by Kane Nuttall, a former addict who knows only too well how hard it can be to achieve recovery when your down and out. The program is developed to build self-confidence, change ones thoughts about themselves, help create some direction for the future and gradually reintegrate our participants back into the work force.

The Program will be running as individual and small group sessions until we have renovated our Community Addiction Drop In Centre which will act as our base. For more information on how you can help please visit our Community Addiction Drop In Centre Fundraiser page, or for more information about of program please continue reading below.

The program uses a holistic approach focusing on the addictive behaviours and patterns that are impeding positive actions and relationships. Participants develop self-esteem and awareness through fitness programs, group therapeutic and peer support workshops within structured leisure activities and group counselling.

The Community Addiction Drop-In Centre provides a safe and friendly environment encouraging participants and support people to relax, while creating the opportunities for informal conversation, support and discussions in regard to participant options, family support and one to one sessions.

The program offers immediate start, after initial consultation, with the only mandatory requirement been clean and sober with the aim to stay clean throughout the program.

The Power In You Project program includes physical activities including river walks, gym and pool sessions. Participants are encouraged to sign up for eight-week blocks, encouraging routine and accountability. Throughout the eight weeks participants have the option to engage in mediation with family members, partners, friends and social group or employees, as well as individual and group therapy sessions, rehabilitation and relapse plans and referrals, and on completion of the eight weeks participants are offered vocational counselling to identify the skills and knowledge they can use to gain pathways to employment or study options, or how they can contribute within community.

Participants are encouraged to continue after the initial eight weeks, continuing self-development working towards personal goals and recovery, while also engaging with new participants as peer mentors. We pride ourselves on giving our participants hope in a supported environment offering a broad range of activities with opportunity for all to participate.

Through The Power In You Project we aim to renew self-belief, build self-esteem as well actively promote re-engagement within the community, social and family networks, encouraging positive direction for the future.

Please email [email protected] for more information.



We would like to thank the following organisations for their continued support of “The Power in You Project”

Community Addiction Drop in Centre Fundraiser

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The Program

When it comes to getting your life back on track and finding direction it can be overwhelming just knowing where to start  As a part of our program we feel it’s important for our participants to set their own short-term to goals while working on the larger goals, it’s also important they identify triggers for...
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