Community Addiction Drop In Centre Fundraiser

The Power In You Project is a partnership with Community Veracity, a not-for-profit organisation delivering a diverse range of community-based programs within the Geelong and Melbourne regions.

In the recent years we have seen the effects addiction, mainly ice, has on individuals, families, local businesses and communities, and the long-lasting battles for everyone who is suffering. There is the addiction itself but, we believe, the real problems start a lot deeper and people suffering need our help, not only to assist them to discover self-worth again but to make Geelong a better place.

The Power In You Project is driven by Kane Nuttall, a former addict who knows only too well how hard it can be to achieve recovery when you’re down and out. The program is developed to build self-confidence, change one’s thoughts about themselves, help create some direction for the future and gradually reintegrate our participants back into the workforce.

On little Fyans Street, South Geelong, behind AGB TRAINING is a little old weatherboard house that needs a bit of love and attention, just like our program participants. It is in a great location for access to the community, just a five-minute walk from the train station and multiple bus stops, as well as being so close to all the facilities we will be using throughout the program.

We are asking for the community to get on board and give generously to this fantastic cause, whether it is donations of money, time, services or products it would all be a massive help. In recognition of your support, your name or company name and logo will be promoted both on our website and premises.

To donate please visit The Power In You Project Go Fund Me page to offer time, services or product please email Kane